Architecture firm founded by Andrea Ciofi degli Atti (Architect, Rome, 1970). 
With a design background in multiple sectors, from small to large scale, but with a focus in the field of housing and hospitality, the firm is firmly convinced of the importance of the construction phase as a moment of truth and application of solid skills. 
At the same time, it seeks the possibility of experimenting on every occasion because not only, as Leonardo said, is it what makes us human, but, at least in our case, it is also what makes work and life fun. 
From this perspective, over the years, in parallel with the more traditional professional activity and research in the field of architectural design with participation in numerous idea design competitions, the studio has developed further skills in some specific areas of interest: 3D modeling and representation, immersive panoramic photography as an advanced tool for architectural and territorial documentation, HDR light probe concept and indoor lighting, Human Centric Lighting and simulation of natural light, AI (midjourney and stable diffusion) for the creation of concept design images and reverse engineering for the creation of three-dimensional models.
ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN AWARDS: Sarajevo Concert Hall, Sarajevo, 1999. Selected stage two (President of jury: Zaha Hadid); Fondazione Adriano Olivetti/Stalker Laboratorio Boario, Roma, Italy, 2000. Frist prize (President of jury: Massimiliano Fuksas) ; Galleria Comunale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Roma, 2001,  Selected stage two (President of Jury: Odile Decq) ; Gruscin Music Festival Area, Gruscin, CSI, 2002. Second prizeElemental Chile, Pontificia Università  Cattolica del Chile, 2003, Finalist (President of Jury: Alejandro Aravena); European Center for Emerging Creativity, Pontecagnano, 2003. Second prize; Lungomare di Roma, Roma, Italy, 2004, Pontile Attrezzato: Frist prize, Master plan: Third prize; Meno e Più 2 Cinquina Bufalotta, Roma, Italy, 2007. Frist prize; Costeras , Giorgino (CA), Italy, 2007. Mention; Rimesse in gioco, Piazza Bainsizza, Roma,  Italy, 2007. Selected stage two; Barrio Avanzado Toledo, Toledo,  Spain, 2009. Third prize (president of jury: Jean Nouvel).
ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS: PX3 Prix del la Photographie Paris,  Paris, 2009. Mention; Found for Creativity, Provincia di Roma, Italy, 2010. Founded project; Photography Masters Cup, Beverly Hills, CA, 2011.  Mention.
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